1kw Complete Home Power Off Grid Solar System

1kw Complete Home Power Off Grid Solar System

Short Description:

Monocrystalline solar panel: 400W

Gel battery: 150AH/12V

Control inverter integrated machine: 24V40A 1KW

Control inverter integrated machine: Hot Dip Galvanizing

Control inverter integrated machine: MC4

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Radiance

MOQ: 10sets

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Product Description

Home off grid solar system uses photovoltaic off-grid power generation, as long as there is solar radiation, it can generate electricity and operate independently from the grid, so it is also called solar independent power generation system. In areas with ideal sunshine conditions, photovoltaic power supply is used during the day, and the battery is charged at the same time, and the battery is powered by inverter at night, so as to truly realize the use of solar green energy and build an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society.

The system is composed of monocrystalline solar panels, colloidal batteries, control frequency conversion integrated machine, Y-shaped connectors, photovoltaic cables, over-the-horizon cables, circuit breakers and other components. Its working principle is that the photovoltaic module generates current when the sun radiates, and charges the battery through the solar controller; when the load needs electricity, the inverter converts the DC power of the battery into AC output.

Product Specifications

Model TXYT-1K-24/110、220
Serial Mumber Name Specification Quantity Remark
1 Monocrystalline solar panel 400W 2 pieces Connection method: 2 in parallel
2 Gel battery 150AH/12V 2 pieces 2 strings
3 Control inverter integrated machine



1 set 1. AC output: AC110V/220V;
2. Support grid/diesel input;
3. Pure sine wave.
4 Control inverter integrated machine Hot Dip Galvanizing 800W C-shaped steel bracket
5 Control inverter integrated machine MC4 2 pairs  
6 Y connector MC4 2-1 1 pair  
7 Photovoltaic cable 10mm2 50M Solar panel to control inverter all-in-one machine
8 BVR cable 16mm2 2 sets Control the inverter integrated machine to the battery,2m
9 BVR cable 16mm2 1 set Battery Cable,0.3m
10 Breaker 2P 20A 1 set  

System Wiring Schematic Diagram

Home off grid solar system,Off grid solar system,Monocrystalline solar panel,Solar panel

Product Features and Advantages

1. The characteristics of regional off-grid independent power supply and household off-grid independent power supply are: compared with grid-connected power generation, the investment is small, the effect is quick, and the area is small. The time from installation to use of this home off grid solar system depends on Its engineering volume ranges from one day to two months, and it is easy to manage without the need for a special person to be on duty.

2. The system is easy to install and use. It can be used by a family, a village, or a region, whether it is an individual or a collective. In addition, the power supply area is small in scale and clear, which is convenient for maintenance.

3. This home off grid solar system solves the problem of inability to supply power in remote areas, and solves the problem of high loss and high cost of traditional power supply lines. The off-grid power supply system not only alleviates the power shortage, but also realizes green energy, develops renewable energy, and promotes the development of circular economy.

Application Range

This home off grid solar system is suitable for remote areas without electricity or places with unstable power supply and frequent power outages, such as remote mountainous areas, plateaus, pastoral areas, islands, etc. The average daily power generation is enough for household use.

Home off grid solar system,Off grid solar system,Monocrystalline solar panel,Solar panel

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